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Phoenix Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are mostly inactive between feedings and in their hiding places. Phoenix Bed bug control can be difficult because bed bugs are very resilient and can survive up to an eighteen-month period without feeding.
Bed bugs prefer to hide close to where they feed, like beds but have been documented to travel 100-150 feet to obtain a host, so it is unlikely to diminish an infestation by leaving an area unoccupied.

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If you just found bedbugs...
While traveling
If you suspect you've come into contact with bedbugs while traveling, the important thing is not to let them hitch a ride with you on your clothes or luggage to the next place you stay.
If you've discovered an infestation in your home, or you've found out that a neighbor 
has bed bugs, the most important thing is to get informed. Call, Test or email us Today to schedule a free bed bug inspection.
While the temptation to do something, anything, to address the problem immediately is strong, you could end up inadvertently making things worse for yourself and your neighbors. So contact us today!
If you want to avoid bedbugs...
The key to avoiding a bedbug infestation is to learn as much as you can about them before your paths cross.
Here are some effective steps you can take:
While traveling
See the pick below to find out what bedbugs look like. Adults are easily visible (dark brown and about the size of a tick), but the nymphs are translucent and quite small. Bed bugs in all stages of life are extremely flat, so they can hide in surprising places. Remember that bed bugs don't care about cleanliness! They can thrive in an immaculate, five-star hotel room just as easily as somewhere run-down. All they need is proximity to people and a crevice to hide in.
Learn how to check a hotel room for signs of bed bugs. all ways mattress and how to examine a headboard, the most common hiding places for the bugs. Store your luggage on a metal rack or luggage stand away from walls and furniture. This will greatly reduce the risk of bringing home an unwelcome visitor.

Bring things that you can put through the dryer before returning home. A few minutes at high heat will be enough to kill bed bugs and their eggs without damaging most clothing. But you must ensure everything is heated all the way through.
At home
Reduce clutter. The fewer places bedbugs have to hide, the better your chances of catching an infestation before it can get established.
Check the registry, and talk to your neighbors! Bedbugs can spread easily within a building, so it's important to know if you are at elevated risk.
Take steps to make your sleeping quarters inhospitable to bedbugs. This can include buying mattress encasements, using a steel bed frame, and caulking all cracks and crevices to reduce hiding places.

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